About Portland

Neighborhood-oriented since its founding, Portland began as a grid of half-sized downtown blocks and grew outward into five quadrants to become the major, but manageable, city it is today. Although divided into 95 neighborhoods, many of Portland’s neighborhoods share similar cultural elements and work together to form the city’s vibrant and diverse identity. Stroll through one area in an afternoon, or pedal through several in a day. Either way, packed with eclectic shops, inviting public parks, trend-setting restaurants and eye-grabbing architecture, Portland’s distinctive neighborhoods overflow with original experiences.


Here are a few resources that will help you explore all Portland has to offer!


Getting around Portlandhere you may choose your method of transit and receive detailed instructions on each mode – MAX, Streetcar, bus, bike, foot and car.


Getting to and from PDX – this page highlights the different options available of getting to and from the airport.


How to ride MAX – this is produced by TriMet and does a great job of hitting all the highlights.


Travel Portland - great resource for all things Portland!!


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